Network Penetration Testing

Duration: 60 hours

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Learning Objectives

Penetration Testing is considered a research field that puts pressure on newcomers to improve their knowledge continuously. That’s why we focus on developing the searching capabilities of the audience How to Recon, Adapt and identify and exploit any vulnerability they may face on the target system. Thus, this training takes the audience from the knowledge surface into deep knowledge, enhancing their searching skills to ensure continuous enhancement of their Network Penetration Testing capabilities. | A sample of what we will learn? | | [ Stages of Penetration Testing (Reconnaissance, Scanning, Vulnerability identification, Exploitation, Post Exploitation such as (Maintaining Access and Lateral Movement) Stealth Techniques and Security Solution Avoidance. ] | | [ Vulnerabilities we will learn to exploit include but are not limited to the following: Host Based Vulnerabilities such as service based vulnerabilities and misconfigurations for service such as (FTP, SSH, XMPP, SMP, SMTP, Kerberos, DNS, etc.) ] | | [Web Application Vulnerabilities such as (XSS, Command Injection, SQL Injection, Local File Inclusion, etc.) ] | | [ Active Directory Attacks (NTLM Relay, Kerberos Attacks, etc.) ] | | [ Service Implementation Misconfiguration. ] | [ Methods of privilege escalation such as (Insecure Service Permissions, Unquoted Service Path, Linux SUID's and SUDO, Cronjobs, LXC's etc.). ] | | [ Pivoting and lateral movement using PowerShell, Port Forwarding, SSH Tunnelling, etc. ] | | [ We will learn about exploit development, such as exploiting Buffer Overflow. ] | [ After that, we will practice solving machines and CTF boxes. Then we will learn how to write professional penetration testing reports. ] | Content :



8 GB


  • VMWare
  • Virtual Box
  • Kali Linux
  • Who Should Attend

  • IT Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Developers
  • Knowledge Seekers
  • Students (Special Offer for Students)
  • Penetration Testers
  • Researchers
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